Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

Carlos. The bad boy.

Alex. Carlos' brother.

Kiara. The good girl.

Carlos left is mom is Mexico to live with Alex in Colorado.

Madison Stone helps Carlos get involved with the wrong group.

The principal finds drugs in Carlos' locker.

Carlos goes to live with Kiara's dad, the Professor.

At first Kiara and Carlos don't get along.

It isn't long though until they are strongly attracted to one another.

Carlos stops Kiara before things get out of hand.

Carlos feels he isn't the type of guy Kiara needs.

They still pretend to be in a relationship at school so Madison will leave Carlos alone.

Carlos gets involved with a dangerous group and they want him to deal.

The family Carlos is staying with helps him out of trouble.

Attraction can break through all differences.

Can you think of a better theme than the power of attraction?

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