Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Link Up Time!
This is a link to a movie trailer for the book.
Here is a blog with a full review of the book, which will be helpful before or after reading.
In the book Carlos is part of a Mexican gang. This is a site explaining the danger of Mexican gangs and general information about them.
Carlos doesn't like to listen to rules and this site explains why kids often rebel against authority.
This is Simone Elkeles personal site. It gives information on her and other books, so if you like Rules of Attraction you can check out her other books.
Kiara enjoys repairing cars and this site gives information on what type of labor goes into repairing a car.
Carlos leaves his mother and brother in Mexico and moves to Colorado with his oldest brother. This site gives information on leaving Mexico and moving to America and what it's like.
Carlos and his brothers have been growing up without a father after he was shot. Here is information on the affect of growing up without a father figure has on boys.
Kiara likes to hike and if you didn't know much about hiking, this would be a good site to read.
In the book Kiara's best friend helps her to create a rules of attraction list. Here is a real list of what attracts us to other people.
This is a review and summary of the first book of the series, Perfect Chemistry. You do not have to read Perfect Chemistry before reading Rules of Attraction, but it might help give background information.
Carlos goes to several parties with alcohol and drugs. Here is a site to show the effects of partying as a teenager.
Kiara falls for the bad boy in the story. Here is a site to help understand why she fell for him even when she knew it was a bad idea.
Here is a site that has several videos to represent the book which could be helpful to watch before you begin reading.
Learning more about the author of the book you're reading helps to understand the story and where it came from much better.

Did you find these links to be helpful?

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