Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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This is a site with someone else's opinion on the book, What Happened to Goodbye.
This explains the effect that divorce can have on children.
This explains the stress of moving. McLean and her father are constantly moving from town to town and I would imagine this to be somewhat stressful.
McLean and her father know everything there is to know about basketball, and this site can help the reader have a better understanding as well.
Here is the official site of the book.
This is a fan site for Sarah Dessen fans. Fans talk about their feelings towards What Happened to Goodbye and other Sarah Dessen books.
In this video Sarah Dessen talks about her newest book, What Happened to Goodbye.
McLean is having a hard time finding who she really is and I think this site would be helpful to her.
There can be many psychological effects of divorce on children and I think that is why McLean doesn't let people get close.
Even though you can't always explain why people do certain things that hurt others, but I'm sure McLean wanted answers as to why her mother cheated. This site explains some of the reasons as to why.
This site explains what McLean's parents might be going through because of the divorce.
McLean's dad is a restaurant consultant and this website is for a consulting company (not the one her dad works for), and you can get an idea of exactly what he does.
This article describes why restaurants fail. When restaurants aren't doing well McLean's father helps them get back to where they need to be.
This is an excellent summary, review of the book. This was very helpful.
This is Sarah Dessen's personal blog and it gives a lot of insight into her personal life, so you can see where she gets her inspiration.

Did you find these websites helpful?

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