Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Too Many People"


     When you're going through something in your life sometimes when you find the perfect song to match your mood it can make everything seem ok. McLean is having a little bit of an identity crisis in her life. With each new town she has a different variation of her name and a new personality. So when she arrives in Lakeview she decides to use her own actual name, but what is her actual personality? who is she? She has made sure with each new town to be someone completely different from who she actually is but she now doesn't know who she is. At some point every teenager has to experience this. The only problem for McLean is she has to do it in a new town with people she barely knows. Now she has found Dave, the boy next door, who she feels she can actually be herself around, even if she doesn't know who that is.

     The song I chose to represent what McLean is going through is, Too Many People by Pet Shop Boys. The song has an interesting beat and isn't the best song but the words can express exactly what McLean is experiencing. The first lyric is, "I sometimes think I'm too many people". McLean has been the dancer, the outcast, the involved girl, basically anyone but who she is. She also won't let herself get close to anyone in the current town she is in, and when she leaves a town she doesn't keep in touch with anyone either.
"Love is kind, and love hurts
rebellion or conformity
What is my identity?"
These lyrics  describe McLean's views towards her parents divorce. She has a lot of anger towards her mother's actions and for that she doesn't let others get close to her. I think this also contributes to her identity crisis and why she is having trouble finding who she really is. Another great lyric to describe McLean is, "whoever i decide to be depends on who is with me". The people McLean decided to surround herself with played a huge role with who she was in that town. Then in Lakeview when she finds Dave, the boy next door, she feels she can finally start to be herself. She just has to find herself first.

Do you ever feel like you don't know who you really are? Do you have a song that helps you through this?

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