Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reading Helps Us Learn...
Throughout the book Vera's dad is constantly worrying that Vera will become an alcoholic, because at a early age he became an alcoholic as well as his father. He is aware of how being an alcoholic ruined his life and he doesn't want that for Vera. This website talks about if alcoholism can be inherited from your parents.
Vera loves animals and its her dream to work at the local pet store in town, but she's too young, so she has to volunteer first. Her dad doesn't exactly approve of her volunteering, but she loves it. Exploring this website can give you an idea of why Vera loved it so much. There are pictures of animals that are in shelters and success stories of animals who were mistreated. I think Vera would love this website.
This website is a video trailer for the book, Please Ignore Vera Dietz. It allows you to get a summary but it doesn't give away the ending. This trailer can really hook you on the book.
This website is advice with how to cope with grief and loss. Vera has lost her best friend Charlie and even though she doesn't want to accept it yet, she's having a hard time dealing with it. I think this website would be very helpful for Vera and the reader.
Here is a website about the book and author. It gives you a preview to what the book is about and information on the author.
Vera's mother leaves her at a very young age and for most of her life she has had to grow up without a mom. Her mom hasn't been in communication with Vera basically at all, its just been Vera and her dad. This article is about a girl who, like Vera, was without a mom at the age of 13. You can relate the real live experience of the article to Vera's experience in the book to understand why Vera feels a certain way.
This website explains why teenagers with fall into the wrong crowds, like Charlie did. The website breaks it down to the deeper reason of why children go looking for trouble.
This is A.S. King's blogspot. The blog is very interesting and gives you a perspective of who she is and a little more about the book.
This is a video trailer for the book that I really enjoyed. If you aren't hooked before watching this, you will be after.
If you scroll down just a little bit on this website you will find a picture and a description of a pagoda. The town that Vera lives in has a pagoda not to far from Vera's house that she visits a lot. A lot of main conflicts happen at the pagoda, and before I looked up a picture, I was unsure of what a pagoda looked like. Having a picture in my head helped a lot with picturing the story.
I would recommend reading this review after reading the book. I know the point of these websites are to read before, but I think this is better read after. I really like the way this reviewer talks about the way the book is set up and the story line. It was something I had never thought of.
Vera's father is having a hard time facing the facts of what has happened to their family. He doesn't want to accept that Vera's mom left and that he deep down still loves her. Its something that bothers Vera throughout the book, and this site explains maybe why he acts the way he does.
This website gives information on teens who may be dealing with a close one dying and the grief they may feel. I feel this is very important to understand to even begin to understand what Vera is going through.
This is information about teen alcohol abuse. Vera's father was an alcoholic by the time he was a teenager and he is scared that Vera will become one too. Vera is drinking only because of stress and this website gives information as to why.
Vera repeatedly drives after drinking thinking that it is ok. Vera's father is scared for her and is completely against this. This website gives information and teens drinking and driving.

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