Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Information to Help You Learn

This site will supply information about twin behavioral traits. It talks about twins that were separated but still had similar personalities. It also talks about traits that twins inherit and ones they learn on their own.

This link gives you information on the author of the book, Caroline B. Cooney. It tells you information about her childhood and all the way up to present day. Reading more about the authors life can give you in site as to why they wrote the book, and where they got the inspiration.

Claire and Geneieve are both from different parts of New York. They talk about how they will go into the city on different occasions. This gives you information and pictures about different things that go on in the city, which can give you an idea as to what they would have done.

Missy is from Connecticut. This site gives you an idea of what Missy as grown up around and what she might do for fun. It also shows the scenery Missy would see and what the weather is like.

Missy and Claire find out they are adopted at the age of 16. They went through the beginning of life thinking that their parents were their biological parents. This site will give you information for adoption and the legal procedures that are involved.

In the book Missy and Genevieve's fathers both quote an article about black swan theory. "Black swans: events that are hugely important, rare and unpredictable, and explainable only after the fact." This website can give you background information as to where the author got the idea for the title.

This is a review of the book, Three Black Swans. This women gives her own opinion of the book which could be helpful before reading to see if you would be interested. There's nothing worse than starting a book and realizing its not a topic you are interested in.

During the beginning of the book Claire's father is unemployed. He doesn't tell his family though and Claire finds out through a friend, because her father was laid off as well. This website gives information that might help a reader understand where he's coming from and why he doesn't want to tell his family.

Claire and Missy discover that not only are they possibly twins but there is possibly another twin, making them triplets. On this site you can read about the characteristics of  identical triplets.

This is a picture of three black swans. This way you can have a visual of three swans when thinking about the title.

This is a students summary and opinion of the book. This can give you an idea of what other people are thinking about this book.

This is a youtube trailer that another student has made. It gives you great visuals to have while reading the book.

This is an image of Grand Central Station. This is where Missy and Claire arrive in New York. This provides a visual of what it's like for them when they get into New York before taking another train.

This website is how to find your biological parents. While Missy and Claire don't set out to find their parents they find Genevieve and in the process they find their parents. If they were not to have found them, they would have started a search just like this.
This website gives you information on exactly what it means to be identical. All three girls are identical triplets and they have found each at the age of 16. Throughout the years even though they haven't been together they have developed similar traits.
This website has advice for parents who have adopted children. This can help you understand why Missy, Claire, and Genevieve's parents never told their children. They wanted the children to believe that they were their real parents.

This video is excellent. The person who created this showed a lot of detail. If I had not read the book before watching this, I would have wanted to after. This video really draws you in.

This is a blog dedicated to teen books. It gives information on the author and the book. 

This website lists reasons as to why a parents might give their child up for adoption. Missy and Claire find out why they were given up for adoption, but here are other reasons people would do it.

This website can give information about why Allegra wanted to forget she even gave away two of her babies to begin with. Allegra didn't want to children but 16 years later meeting the two she gave away makes her feel embarrassed. This gives information on the grief parents feel.

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