Thursday, September 22, 2011

Music Expresses What We Cannot Say...

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       The song i chose to represent my book, Three Black Swans, is Scherzo for Violin and Piano in C Minor by Johnannes Brahms. The song starts off very up beat and a little bit dark. This represents the beginning of Missy's grand idea to do a hoax on the entire school. She pretends that her cousin, Claire, is her long lost twin and announces it to the school. Claire isn't sure if she wants to play along with Missy's shenanigans because deep down they both know they have a stronger connection than most cousins should. Claire gets very upset while filming the school news where they plan to announce their big surprise. Missy then tells her classmates that it was just a hoax, that Claire is really her cousin. Her classmates get furious with her and claim that Claire can't just be Missy's "cousin". As the music starts to progress and get stronger it symbolizes Missy and Claire's fight. They have spent every friday night together since they could remember and after the video is released they decide to spend some time apart. The music then starts to calm down as well and Missy and Claire. Before you know it, the music has picked back up again to show Genevieves arrival. The music as a powerful ending to display Claire's race to the train, parents of all three girls discovering the video, and Missy and Claire's trip the Genevieves house. The music as well as the book ends with a "bang".

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