Monday, August 29, 2011

There's a First for Everything...

      Hello my name is Simone Corpora. I am currently a junior at Carbondale Community High School. Blogging is a new concept for me and honestly I'm a little nervous. My older brother, Nic, is starting to make a career out of networking for different companies. He has talked about blogging for a while and how interesting it can be. He has tried to get me hooked on blogging but I never felt I had anything interesting to talk about. When I think of bloggers, I think of someone who is very intellectual, drinking coffee, and just returned from traveling the world. Unfortunately that's not me. But I'm going to have to put that picture out of my mind and consider myself a "blogger". I'm hoping that throughout this project it will become less of an assignment and more of a way to express how I feel about the topics I choose to read. Bare with me, I'm new to this.

This blog isn't going to tell you when I eat a sandwich or how I'm feeling on a certain day. No, this blog is to express my opinions of books I read throughout the year. Read for a Lifetime is a program that is encouraged at my school. Or least it has been the past two years, but this year its mandatory. There is a committee that decides on a book list of about 30 books. From there you, as a reader, are required to read at least four of them. For the class I am currently in this equals out to a book per quarter. The book I chose to read for the first quarter is, Three Black Swans.
I read and research many different young adult novels, but I had never heard of this one. On the back cover of the book it says, "events that are hugely important, rare and unpredictable, and explainable only after the fact", which first drew me to the book. Something about that quote really draws you in and makes you wonder how the inside of the book is going to play out. I can't wait to see what's going to happen.

Every Thursday is going to become a blog day. Meaning every Thursday I'm going to have to think of something to write about the book I am currently reading. Seems easy, right? Well, fingers crossed. There is a wide range of possible prompts that could be used throughout the quarter. For example, taking the problem the man character faces and finding a way to connect it to your life to show some kind of understanding. You could also write the blog as if you were the main character and describe what the character is feeling and what is going on in there life at a certain point of the book. Finally, you could find a song that would best fit the characters mood at a point in the book and explain how it would connect.

I hope you enjoy my blog,


  1. Simone, I love how you put humor into your first blog post. Im glad to know that this blog will give me more information than just when you eat a sandwich! I find it interesting how your brother is trying to get you hooked on blogging also. Your book seems very mysertious and interesting, i may just read it for the next quarter. Well keep up the good work!

  2. Simone, I enjoyed reading your first blog. The book you chose to read I was thinking about reading for the next quarter. So I hope you like it! I love how you made your first blog interesting and humorous. I think you will become a very good blogger and I hope you find it interesting as the year continues. I am looking foward to reading your other blogs!